Welcome to my daily tracking of income and expenses for the month.

All of the money below was spent on food. I actually spent less than I thought I would have because I bought a piece of salmon, some tilapia filets and a bag of shrimp. I had only planned on buying one kind of fish with the shrimp but when I saw how the fish looked…and when I checked the prices I just could not resist.

The rest of the money was spent on some other basics like milk and bread and eggs because I go through those so quickly. I also bought grapes AND bananas to take to work as my snack during the day so I was quite pleased with my purchases.

Well at least today was a positive day with regards to income so I am happy about that

Income for the day: $0.00

Expenses for the day: $67.79

Income for the month to date: $502.92

Expenses for the month to date: $548.92

Net effect: -$46

Did I save money: Nope. We are back to being in the negative income days.