I recently started using Bodycology Vanilla Buttercream Body Mist as my daily fragrance. I love all things vanilla scented and I have (a little bit of) an obsession with body splashes .  So I found this divine smelling body mist at WallyWorld (oh yeah baby) and I wear it every day. 

Then I noticed that the bottle was getting low so I wanted to stock up on another bottle before it ran out. I went back to Walmart but they did not have any on the shelves. I decided to look online but could not find any at the Walmart website either.

I went to Amazon but could not find it there.

By now I am beginning to get annoyed and decided to search the Bodycology website for my Vanilla Buttercream body mist and then I found out that it is being discontinued. Normally when I find something that I love I will buy multiples of it just in case it runs out. For some strange reason I did not do this with the body mist and I am now stuck having to find an alternative.

This has taught me that I need to stay on top of things financially and track when changes happen. I need to look at interest rates on CDs to see when they will be changing so that I can get the best for my money. I need to take advantage of low rates on my credit cards because once the promotion is done I will be missing out.