I wrote about my experiences with using Lending Club to pay off debt in the past. I am also a lender on the site and must say that although I am not getting  the highest interest rate returns, my loans are doing well.

I am happy to announce that I now have a new way for you to join Lending Club, instead of emailing me for a referral every time (although you can still do that if you prefer!!!)

At the very top of the site in the middle block you can see two banners for Lending Club.  The one on the left lets you become a borrower and get great rates on an online loan to  consolidate debt.

The one on the right lets you join as a lender and invest your money in something that not only gets you a great interest rate return but also lets you help someone out. If you are looking for ways on how to invest money online then you might want to check out those two options.

Disclosure: These are associate referrals so I will be getting compensated if you use those links, just like I would if you got a referral email from me.