Well not really…but I am going to have to watch my food budget for the month. I currently have $11.27 left in the food budget for the month and we still have a whole week left.

I have no fruits for snacks and part of my healthier eating strategy says that I should eat at least one piece of fruit every day. If I go shopping for bananas on the weekend that is surely going to take a chunk out of that $11.27 PLUS I will still need bread and milk.



I guess I could take the fruit money out of the gas budget since I am way under my gas budget…but would you guys and gals hold it against me?

Would I be a Frugal Fraud for using the ‘gas’ money to pay for food since I was obviously careless this month with the food budget?

I do not want to go over my budget in any category but I do want to eat healthy and since I have been under budget for gas every month I think this will not be too bad….as long as I don’t make a habit of it.