Remember a few days ago when I wrote that you could get a free $125 by opening a Chase account? Well I went ahead and opened the account and it is true!!!

They do give you a $125 bonus for opening the new account. Transfers from your ING account work. (If you need to open a new ING account email me so I can give you the link to get a bonus $25 for opening the account.)

This is because direct deposits can come from sources other than payroll and that will satisfy the requirements for Chase.

If you love free money..and we all do…then go ahead and get your Chase account and $125 today. It takes just a few minutes to open the new account and it is really easy.

You will need to print out the coupon and take it to a Chase bank because the offer is NOT good for accounts opened online. I opened my account on October 30th and got my bonus on November 7th.

I love the new Chase account because it allows me to see my accounts online with the same login as my credit cards. I can also use the many ATMs they have which are on my way from work if I ever need to get cash quickly.