I still have a few outstanding gift cards that I need to use up before they expire. I was lucky enough to rediscover a gift card to an Italian restaurant a few days ago. I had been given that gift card almost a year ago for taking part in a project at work and just tucked it away because it was a restaurant that I had no plans of going to.

I was going through my old stash of cards and found the card and saw that it still had the original balance but that it would be expiring pretty soon. I waited until I actually had something to do in that part of town and then went over to use the card. The food was great so it was well worth using the card.

Gift Card

I also still have Starbucks gift cards that I won last year from a baby shower. I used one card on two separate occasions but I still have a good little balance left on it. The funny thing is there a Starbucks across from campus and since I am there every day I really could just scoop something up.

I plan on using it to get iced coffees on my way to class because I am taking summer classes and it is HOT in these parts.

Do you have unused gift cards lying around? Check the balance and make sure you use them before you lose them. You can always give them away if you do not think you can or want to patronize the store..just make sure they don’t go to waste.