After all of the waiting and wondering, my employer decided to pay us a full week early this month. I guess they wanted people to see the lower checks and be able to plan better for the end of the month and upcoming bills on the first of next month. One of the hourly paid workers told me her check went down by $60 so I was a bit worried about mine.

When I checked ING I saw that my income had gone down by $30.95. This is about the amount I would spend on gas on a monthly basis, or it also means that is one full box of lobster tails for the month. I guess I should not complain because it is not a gigantic blow to my budget, which I have been setting at $200 below my monthly income anyway.

It was a good thing I planned my spending on bills and savings to be less than what I actually made because if I had been spending the full amount then I would need to readjust my budget and move funds around. As it stands, this just means that there will be $30 less in the buffer in my checking account in ING at the end of the month