I recently spoke to a friend who told me she was moving to a new apartment complex in my area. (If you are not reading this post on the site www.howisavemoney.net OR in your feed reader then this content may have been scraped)I had never seen that complex before but I decided to pay them a visit to look at apartments to see if I could save money on my rent. I spoke to the person at the front desk who mentioned that the buildings were 100% government funded and as a result they only rented based on income, with very strict income caps.

I told her my income and she informed me that I made too much to qualify for the apartment and I was turned down. I was really upset because the apartments were VERY nice and despite being for low income families they were well kept and nicely maintained. To someone who was driving by you would think that it was the home of a more affluent set based on the surroundings. I know you should not judge people based on what they drive or where they live but the place looked like well to do people lived there so I believe that the management of the place kept strict rules for the tenants and it was certainly not what I expected when I heard the words ‘low income’.

I guess I will not be moving at all and while I can certainly afford the place I rent right now I really would have liked to move into those apartments. I will have to settle for visiting my friend in her new home when she moves!!!!