I am currently taking a course online  to further my professional life. The payment for classes are due every five weeks because that is how long each module lasts.

I am paying for the classes using my Visa card in order to take advantage of the cash back rewards program but I am also using ING to budget for the money.

Every month when I get paid I transfer the payment for the class over to the Irregular Fund in ING, which is one of my sub accounts there. Then when the bill is due, usually during the middle of the month I have the payment pushed from ING over to the credit card. This way the money can earn a few cents interest in a savings account and I can get a few days of float by paying with a credit card.

Of course this means that I have to set up another transfer as all payments come from my checking account with ING but since money is deposited every 4 weeks but then taken out every 5 weeks I have a good flow going.