I love shopping at Ross and I think I will go there more often. I normally shop at JC Penney for clothing because I just really love their stuff. I get my household items like bedding and bathroom items from Walmart because they have a good selection and great prices.

I never really liked Ross because you know what a hassle it can be to actually find clothing. Things are generally in the size space they are supposed to be in, but more often than not they are on the wrong hanger or in the wrong section. I recently was looking for a small dustbin for the bathroom because the one I had was just not cutting it.

I wanted to stay under $10 but the ones at Walmart were either plastic or very small. I found a cute metal one at Ross for $9.99 and it looks very classy.

This find prompted me to  look into shopping at Ross because maybe I could find some great deals and probably save some money as well.

My last trip was to get pillows because the ones I have were over two years old. I usually replace my pillows about this time because they tend to go flat. The ones I usually get were about $7 to $8 at Walmart so I wanted to stay under $10 as well if possible.

I got a Calvin Klein queen sized pillow for $9.99!!! I really love firm pillows and these were quite firm but still soft. The texture was a little bit like a memory foam pillow, in that it was firm but would still yield to pressure. I immediately snatched up two of them because they were a good price. They are better than my regular pillows so the extra $2 was worth it.