So I just messed up my one year rolling budget in Mint. It was an accident but it is still a little bit annoying. I got a new credit card…which I will talk about later and since I already had another card from the same provider I thought it would be easy to add it in Mint.

I never thought that adding the new card  would have messed up my one year rolling budget but that is what happened.

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I tried to add the card in Mint but then I noticed that all my balances were way too high. Everything was red! I looked and noticed that all transactions from the first card had been doubled. I figured that I could just delete one of the double entry cards and that would fix the problem.

The crazy thing is that when I deleted it removed the original settings of the card and now all my categories are way too low. Of course I cannot delete this card and re-add it because it shows the transactions in the history but they do not apply to the one year rolling budget that I had set up.

This means I will have to reset the budget next month and I will have to use only the monthly rolling budget until the end of the year.

I will attempt to do a one year rolling budget again for 2015! While it is not a deal breaker that I messed up my one year rolling budget it does thwart my plans to get a detailed up-front look at the spending and income for the year.

I can always get that information in the year end summary though!