This month I came out in the red again because I did not have any significant income.

I got a total of #66.24 from Lending Club repayments this month. I could have funded TWO new loans at $25 each but I decided to stick with my strategy of only funding one loan per month and I put the extra $25 into my ING accounts to live off.

I have only been getting little bits coming in from random advertising and from Lending Club repayments. The total is currently under $200 so I do not even feel like mentioning it as that barely covers any expenses for the month.

Areas where I remained under budget are:

– Utilities: I was able to stay under my total budget for the month even though the electric bill was still higher than I would have liked.

-Car : I only filled up the tank ONE time for the whole month despite driving off to interviews.

– Food: I guess being depressed makes you lose your appetite!

Areas where I went over budget are:

-Health : I am paying for my insurance out of pocket now and this COBRA insurance thing is killing me.

-Shipping : I bought lots of stamps to mail out resumes.

-Nothing else : all other categories were totally under the budgeted amount for the month.

I am still carefully monitoring my monthly spending as I only have a few more months before the emergency fund runs out, unless I get a new job.