I know this is a few days late but I have been crazy busy with classes and other things…not an excuse I know.

I managed to come out in the black to the tune of $580.68 for the month. This money has been put into  the snowflake account to go towards debt in July so that I can move close to my goal of being debt free.

I bought one newspaper for coupons and redeemed $8 in coupons giving me a gain of $5 for the month in coupons and $49.01 for the year in coupons.

Total Income from Lending Club was $50.69, of which $25 was a referral so I made $25.69 income from people who repaid their loans. I decided to make a loan every month that I receive $25 so in July I will be making a new loan. Then I will continue to withdraw money on a weekly basis as it is repaid and if I have gotten at least $25 that month then I will make a new loan in the next month.

I spent $74.60 on gas for the month because I had to attend a few training sessions out of town for the month. This brought me over my gas budget for the month by $14.60 but this is balanced out by all the previous months where I did not even come close to spending my gas budget.

Total income from Prosper was $6.82 which is not bad as I am only looking to withdraw all my money from Prosper as my Lending Club investments are doing much better.

I received $6 from PineCone for doing surveys and those also went into the snowflake account. June was a pretty good month for cash flow and I am really throwing money into the debts this month and in upcoming months so that I can finally get to saving.