I ended up in the black again in September and it felt good to see that positive $597.71 on my spreadsheet. This was partly due to some advertising on the blog as well as redeeming cash back points and using them for daily purchases. I am showing that I bought the newspaper but only redeemed $1 in coupons for the whole month. This does not look right to me as I am sure that I used more coupons than that, but in any case I have spent $26 on buying coupons and redeemed $83.05 giving me a gain of $53.05 on my couponing adventures.

I overspent on my personal and household budget by $86.24 (bad girl!!!) but underspent on my food budget by $72.93 (good girl!!!). I spent $47.53 on gas for the month, leaving me with $12.47 on my budget if I wanted to drive some more.

I made some bigger than normal snowflake payments on my two personal loans, with the goal of having them fully paid in December of this year so that I can be debt free.

I received a total of $13.79 from Lending Club and $1.78 from Prosper and that was the total of my investments for the month, with me making one new loan of $25 to someone at Lending Club.