My never go back to Fresno fund

Hey I have never been to Fresno….I don’t even know where that is. But that is what I decided to call my emergency fund after I saw it on television. I was watching one of my favorite shows and one of the actresses said she had a never go back to Fresno fund….and so the idea was born.

Now you guys and gals all know that I am a full time student who makes minimum wage at a measly 20 hours per week ….sometimes I don’t even get 20 hours. I also have a mountain of debt on the credit cards from paying for the other degree and miscellaneous nonsense spending. Anyway let’s get past that point now. I am back in school trying to right the wrongs now so hear me out.

So here’s the deal. Between my small income and my bills I always thought that I did not have any way to save at all. Then I started this blog and read everywhere that you should always have some kind of savings regardless of how small it is. I read that everyone could save even if the amount seemed insignificant.

Before I started this blog every penny I had went to food or bills . Nothing went to saving. Then I got the idea for my never go back to Fresno emergency fund and I decided to set up a small balance transfer to those savings accounts. I knew that if I had a very small sum going out then I would be able to leave the account and not touch the money at all. I started with (don’t laugh now) sending a transfer of $1.00 every month to the savings account.

Just $1 you say! What’s the point? That won’t get you any interest. I know that and I was not doing it to get the interest. I was doing it to train myself to get along without that $1 for the month. I was able to increase the amount to $2.00 and it is now at $3.00.

Oh boy! A whopping $3.00 a month is going into my savings account . Wheeeee ! Fat lot of interest that is getting me. You may even ask why I am not putting that $3 towards my credit card debt instead. The thing is that although I could do that I have decided not to in order to make myself see that I can save money if I try.

I won’t tell you how little much is in the emergency fund….I have already embarrassed myself disclosing the monthly amount…but it is still a good feeling to say that I have a savings account. It is truly a savings account in the sense that it is something that I am not going to withdraw from so that small amount still gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Author: Lulu

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  1. I agree with you. It is the concept to start saving. I think you should possiblity do a percentage of your income. Let’s say save 1% of your net. It may or not be more than $3.00 but you will now where 1% will go. I really like your blog and I would like to exchange links with you. My readers would benefit from you.

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  2. Toni from Girlfriends!!! I loooooove that show too. 🙂

    P.S. Kudos to you for SAVING anything at all.

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  3. Eh, nothing to be embarrassed about. A savings account is a savings account… better than what most everyone I know personally can say. Of all my friends, I know maybe 2-3 that have savings accounts, and only 1 or 2 of those actually add to it regularly.

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  4. Awwwww Shawn and Tanyetta. You guys are making me feel better about my lil $3 a month saving. Oh well…slowly but surely wins the race (or at least makes it to the end).

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  5. Ok. I feel a little better now. I just hope that I can start to increase it soon because at the current rate…..bah.

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  6. I have a never go back fund. Now if I can just get mine up near where Toni has hers!

    Don’t feel bad about the amount of your savings. You’re saving something and that’s what matters.

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  7. I wish I could get mine to like Toni’s too…but she makes all these fab commissions on real estate while I just make real minimum wage til I graduate. Well it is still a goal for us both!

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  8. In case you care, Fresno is in the middle of the Central Valley of California. It is actually a large city with population of 486,116, but most people in California consider it a hick town out in the middle of nowhere. It is surrounded by lots of agriculture.

    And good for you for skimming something into savings every month. Even with debt you need to have an emergency fund.

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  9. @ Bryce:
    Thanks for clearing up the Fresno mystery for me. I guess since it is a hick town that is why Toni did not want to go back…so hey it works for me! 🙂

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  10. Ah…now I found the info on your Fresno Fund. What about all the people that live in Fresno California? I’m sure the show reference was because it’s hot in the summer and in the middle of farm country. I thought maybe you went to school in Fresno or grew up there, and never wanted to go back 🙂

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  11. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about how little, or how much, you have in your Fresno fund… The thing is that you are saving some – you should be proud of yourself!

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  12. “I can save money if I try.”.

    I just had to hear (or read) that! I totally agree with you and I’ll try this trick, but with a little higher value monthly. Thank you so much for this!

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  13. I love your concept, but since I happen to LOVE living in Fresno (It’s in Central California, BTW, where your food comes from! :D) I don’t really like the long version of your name. BUT, I will tell you a little secret that my kids’ water polo teams have: they yell FRESNO when they are trying to tell a teammate to throw the ball to the middle of the pool.

    So, I vote that you should keep the name “Fresno Fund” but just change the meaning: Your Fresno Fund will help you to CENTER YOUR LIFE ! How about that??? 😀

    Good luck!

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