We got paid today. Yippeeeee!!!!!

We normally get paid on the last day of the month but since school gets out today they decided to be nice and pay us early.

This means that my paycheck is now in ING two whole weeks earlier than normal. Unlike some people who change their entire budget around when they get paid early, I have decided to leave all my preset transfers and payments as they are, except for one.

handmoneyI normally do a transfer of $1,000 from my Electric Orange checking to my savings account on the second of each month. This money earns more interest in the savings account since the Electric Orange interest rate is lower now.

I keep a low balance in the checking account because this money can be put to better use earning interest in my savings account. When the bills are due I have automatic transfers coming out of my savings and depositing the money back in the checking account so that Electric Orange can send the checks out.

I am moving the money over tomorrow so that it can earn this extra two weeks of interest but all the bill payments are left at their regular time. I am happy that we got paid early so I can get the little bit of interest even though it is small.

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