There was a problem with getting my Health Savings Account (HSA) funded because it says it can be funded with pre-tax dollars but the lady at the payroll office did not even TRY to help me out and just kept repeating that my company did not offer a HSA.

On the Chase website it clearly states that you can request that your employer fund your account with pretax dollars so I was pretty confused when the person in the payroll department said they did not do that.

After a few phone calls I spoke to someone at Chase who gave me a new routing number and my HSA account number told me all I had to do was get the payroll department to make pretax contributions to that account using that information. It was too late to get the payroll department back on the line at the time so I had to wait until the following week to speak to payroll.

I am actually going to wait until I get the documents from Chase concerning my HSA so that I do not have to do battle with payroll about WHY they need to do a pretax deduction….since the payroll person simply has no concept of how to fund the HSA because NO ONE ELSE has done it with my company.