I tweak my zero based budget every now then when there are circumstances that I feel make it necessary to do so. I am making a small tweak in December and will not be making some of the transfers to my ING sub accounts that I normally make.

I paid off my car in full a few months ago but still keep a figure for a car ‘payment’ in the monthly budget. This money gets sent to my ING account so that I can save up for a new car….but I will not be making that ‘payment’ in December this year.

I also pay small amounts to other savings accounts under various names but suspended the December payments on those until January. I need to have that small tweak this month to allow my accounts to settle since income has been so variable since I lost my full time job.

I will go back to using the regular budget in January next year so that I can get a fresh start and will start off the year with brand new rollover figures in Mint as well.

I have a set budget for Christmas spending that was funded throughout the entire year so if I do need to get gifts they will come out of that fund. I already plan on having a very low key Christmas so I do not anticipate any problems there.

Are you making any changes to your budget this time of year?