Welcome to  tracking of income and expenses for the month. Please note that I get paid on the last day of the month so my cash flow net effect will usually be negative until the last day of the month.

This does not mean that I am adding to my debt, it just means that the money coming in is less than the money going out because bills are due starting on the first but I don’t get paid until the last day.

twentyIncome for the month to date: $435.23

Expenses for the month to date: $2464.25

Net effect: -$2029.02

Since the last posting I got my Adsense money for the month, after not getting it last month because I did not earn enough. I also got $1.56 from Lending Club loan repayments, in addition to the person who repaid his or her loan early.

I went to a going out of business sale at a clothing store and got two shirts that I can wear for casual days at work for $6.00 each.

I sent in a snowflake payment of $18.50 to Capital One and that is the last payment on this card to bring it to a ZERO balance. My next snowball target will be the Lending Club loan which I should have fully paid off in March.

Tomorrow is payday so my account will look a little bit happier for the next few days..until all the bill payments come due again.

I will see you guys and gals later as I continue my journey to save money and become debt free!!!!