Today is the last day of the month and I need to take a quick look at just where all those dollars went to.

Yesterday I spent 75 cents on a pack of peanuts since I did not bring anything for lunch and I was STARVING in the office. I know that was bad because I could have gotten out of bed just 5 minutes earlier and made myself a sandwich.

I ended up spending just $36.39 on food this month which is really great. My spending on personal items and household items clocked in at $63.60 which was a little bit over what I had anticipated but it was still under the budget of $70.00.

I was able to stay under budget for all of the expenses that I paid for during the month and I was really amazed to see the places where I was able to make some cut backs.

Next month I hope to have an even better financial month because I will be working harder on getting that CashDuck, DealBarbie,TreasureTrooper and other sponsored posting money in from this blog. These avenues can be very profitable for the people who are daring but since I am so conservative with the GPT sites I only made a small amount in comparison to some folks.

Cash Duck was really the biggest earner for me and I can say here that I made just enough to make the minimum payments on three of my cards from using the site and that has been sent to my paypal account already. I do not want to give the exact figures here but my card payments have been low so you can figure that out. I am just getting ready to try out some more offers for next month.

I need to change some of the settings in Microsoft Money because it has some expenses showing as negative and some as positive. Grrr. This makes no sense and it is falsely reducing the amounts I actually spent on some expense categories.