Hello money saving people!

I tweaked the budget again because of changes in expenses. The budget is a tool that I use to keep track of my finances and as such it is not set in stone.

I paid off the last bit of money that I owed Capital One so I am free of debt to them. Yeah!!!!

I used to pay a (self imposed) minimum of $40 every month, plus whatever I could snowflake over and I am finally done with those payments. I have taken that $40 and rolled it into the snowball that is now being paid to my Citi visa card. When I am done paying off the Citi  visa then I will take that money and apply it to the next debt on my target list.

I have tweaked the budget figures to reflect these changes and make sure I stay on track. My internet charges have also gone up because the company decided to add about $7 to everything. I am not giving up my internet (how else would I blog?) so I have adjusted to take account of this as well.

I know I am a little bit obsessive about the budget….but hey I love editing my budget. 🙂