I recently got a BIG money shock when I got a new prescription from my doctor after my annual exam. He had given me a prescription for a new medication and I found out that it was a LOT more expensive than what I was taking on a regular basis. I did not understand the reason for the change since I was doing well on my current prescription and had not asked to be changed.

I went back to him and asked to be changed back and ….he complied. I will now be back on my old prescription and paying the same amount that I had budgeted for in the first place. Whew.

It turns out that the entire office had moved in the last three months and they were behind on all the filing. The two birth control pills have similar sounding names and he thought he had given me the correct one. It pays to always double check your prescriptions BEFORE you leave the doctor and always ask about a change if you see one. While this new pill might not be harmful to me since it is just birth control, if it had been something like a blood pressure or allergy medicine I might have been in trouble.

So now I have the correct prescription and I have my regular pills and I can safely go back to my budget. I just might increase the amount I send to my Flexible Spending Account next year so that I am better prepared for things like this. If I get to the end of the year and I have not used the money then I can go crazy with the the bandaids and cold medicine to replenish what I have used out of my first aid kit during the year.