I have no idea if I will be getting a refund or if I will have to pay this year. In any case I am always anxious to get my taxes done and out of the way.

I am still waiting on my W2s from the job that I lost and since I moved TWICE last year it is taking them longer to get my forms mailed out. I moved temporarily when I lost my job and then I moved again when I started school full time so I think I am being punished by not getting all my forms on time…even though I did address changes on time.

I have gotten some of the other income tax forms related to interest and dividends. I also got a form related to scholarship payments but the mystical W2 forms still elude me. I only had a small amount of income from last year from my original job but I still need to have that official document so that I can file my income taxes in the right way.

I really hope that I do not have to end up paying because unlike previous years I do not have an amount set aside for this in a sub account in ING. If I end up paying it will have to come out of the regular budget for the month, which will throw me over the budget limit, even with having a rolling budget.

I normally like filing my taxes as early as possible but this year I will really have to be patient as I wait for documents to find me!!! Are you ready to file your taxes?