Who loves getting free stuff? I know I do and I don’t know anyone who does not want to get something for free. I had two sets of free goodies come in the mail today.

Now I managed to get these things by signing up for a website that sends out samples every now and then so they have my email address and my mailing address. Most people will say since they have my information then the samples are not free.

I got this free sample pack from Kotex which contained the following:

  • two liners
  • two tampons

With only two of each product I will not use these as my main stash but they can easily be thrown into my purse and backpack respectively and be there for emergencies or for a friend!!!

free kotex

Yes I do get the random newsletter from them or an offer to try some product that I am totally not interested in. I often do get things that I may not have heard of but then I end up liking as well so it all evens out.

I got this sample pack of fruit tarts from Voots. They are vegetable and fruit tarts and although they are labeled as supplements for kids I am going to eat them. Hey we have all eaten the Flintstones kids vitamins right?

free fruit tarts

Yes I do have to actively click on the items that I am interested in and ask them to send me the sample. However dealing with these emails takes less than a minute so all things considered I think those samples are free.

Along with getting the actual samples I also get coupons for the items in case I want to try them out later. I already use Kotex so that coupon is perfect….still on the fence about the fruit supplement as I have yet to taste the sample.

I love getting free stuff and every sample I get means one less dollar that I have to spend!