Hi Money Savers!!

If you are interested in becoming a NEW customer of ING please check out my ING referral page. You use those links to open a new account with ING and if you start your account with at least $250 you will get a bonus $25 from ING. That is a return of 10% which is a fantastic deal in today’s economy!!!!

New Customers

If you do not have $250 to start a new account you can open your ING account with as little as $1.00 but you will not get the bonus. If you do get the bonus then I will also get a $10 from ING for sending them a new customer. I will be using any of the referrals I get to pay down my debt, specifically the Citi Credit card and will give updates on this. You win and I win too!!!!

Current Customers

If you are already an ING customer and wish to have some of your referrals viewed by a broader range of people I will be hosting links on this site. Send me your referral link info and I will post the links here. I will only be taking two links per week so there will be a waiting list. You will earn the full bonus from your link…I will not be making any money off your ING referral link.