Credit card companies sometimes do some really strange things that just confuse me. I have a card that I do not use currently because I am getting better offers from some other cards.

I received a new card in the mail from the company and this immediately spurred me to check my credit report because I had not ordered a new card. The expiration date on the current card was far away and since I was not using the card I knew exactly where it was and that the balance was zero.

When I opened the card there was just the regular letter saying please destroy the old card and call this number from your home phone to activate the new card.

Here is the problem

* Old Card expires 2012

* Replacement Card expires 2011


I called customer service (after 9pm on my cellphone to avoid using my minutes and save some money) and demanded asked for an explanation.

The  customer service rep said that the company was encouraging people to use the card so they were sending out new ones and deactivating the old cards.

Now HOW does this encourage me to use the card? It is the the same card…with the same limit and the same interest rate.

The old card is just as shiny as the new one so nothing has changed except the three digit code on the back of the card.

Note to company: If you want to “encourage me to use the card” try the following steps:

* Increase my credit limit

* Reduce my interest rate

* Offer a 0% balance transfer offer

Pick one of the above and I will use the card more (instead of once every few months to buy ONE item on my shopping list to keep the card active and get a free credit score from you).

Have you gotten any crazy offers from a credit card? Let us know in the comments!!!