Hey everyone I wrote about the Starbucks card to get a free coffee every Wednesday . I had a few cards to give away and the response was very nice. I am ALL OUT of cards now and I sent out emails to all the people who contacted me.

I will be sending the cards out in the mail to the readers who commented early.

I kept one card for myself saying that I would treat myself to a coffee once a week. I Googled Starbucks in my area and found a location and a phone number. On my way home from work I decided to drive by to check out the coffee place but could not find it.

No problem I thought, I will just call when I get home. When I called the number the person who answered said there was no Starbucks there and he was sorry that Yahoo and Google were reporting it as being open. He said they got that all the time….but there is no Starbucks where I live .

Huh? One person emailed me back saying there is a Starbucks in every town. I feel really bad now….and cranky because I can’t get my coffee fix. Grrrrrr.

I was going to put up pictures of the card for all the readers to see…but my phone is all wonky right now…….so I think all my readers need to pitch in and get me a digital camera to make up for me not getting my coffee on.

Yeah..that would restore the equilibrium to the universe.