If you have not heard of the drama behind page ranks then you must have been really asleep these last few months, or else concentrating so hard on saving money that you just did not notice anything else.

Many bloggers have lost their desired page rankings due to a number of reasons and as a result, a few other companies have set up systems to calculate website and blog rankings.

IZEA has come up with its Izea Ranks system that offers bloggers a new way to look at the ranking that their blogs receive. This ranking is based on actual past statistics of traffic to their sites. The system then ranks blogs according to the following criteria:

  • 70% on daily unique visitors
  • 20% by daily active inbound links
  • 10% by daily page views

All of these factors combine to form the IZEARanks rating for a particular site and you can get what is considered to be a more realistic ranking of a blog according to the factors that really add up. It makes sense to weight the number of visitors higher than the number of incoming links because you might have a site where a lot of people visit each day but not many other sites link to.

You may also have a few very high quality incoming links, as opposed to someone who has a plethora of lesser quality incoming links, so this helps to smooth out those types of influences.

With IzeaRanks you can do a comparison over time to see how your rank changes for your site. You can also do a side by side comparison with up to ten other sites to see how they compare also.

I think it is a good idea that other places are coming up with rankings that help bloggers have alternatives to the regular page rank and they can decide what works for them. The rating system of one company may work for you if you are in a particular niche or wanting to accomplish one particular goal. A different system will work better for someone who wants to accomplish a different purpose with his or her blog.
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