Honey and I were recently discussing getting a new web hosting service because he was trying to see if we could get something better for our blogs. I would go along with whatever he decided becuase I really have no idea about the hosting side of blogging.

I then decided to check out Web Hosting Geeks to see what they had to offer. The thing I found most interesting was that they offer you a number of low priced options for web site hosting starting at $10 a month . If you are looking to save money as we all are then you might want to head over to see if there is a plan that fits your budget.

This might be a good site for people like me who are not interested in all the technical stuff but just want a basic package that will fit into a low budget.

Another way they are trying to attract new users is to show them that they can get a bonus in Yahoo or Google advertising credits so they can purchase some advertising for their blogs. The site is currently promoting a few hosts with high ratings so it is worth it to check them out.