I have been reading a lot about alternative medicines and I was looking at some things that talked about using a natural colon cleanser to maintain your weight and health. Now I have heard of enemas and using laxatives to cleanse but I wanted a little more information on something that was more natural.

I remember reading up on the lemon cleanse but I thought that was a bit too extreme for me so I might need something a little easier to manage. I am interested in this because I saw on Oprah about things that stay in your colon and make you sick and when I was little my mother would have us get a purge every summer.

Apparently this Dual Action Colon Cleanse is made of all natural ingredients like fennel and lemon (which I mentioned earlier) which help to promote a healthy colon. When your colon is clean it helps the body to rid itself of toxins even better, which leads to a healthier you.

Healthier people go to the doctor less and therefore this would help me to save money in the end, even after the initial investment in the product.