I am always talking about my credit cards and the different adventures I have had with them since I journeyed into the world of personal finances. I recently got the chance to do an advertisement and review a credit card site called Credit Cards Club, which actually reviews credit cards. Twisted huh?

Cute Icons

The first thing I noticed about the site is the graphics. The site has these cute little icons for each category which really draws the eye in to the category. I think my favorite icon would be the broken piggy bank for credit cards for those with bad credit. The broken piggy bank really suits the category because if you are the point where you have broken the bank you are probably at your wits end and have bad credit too.

The icon for the gas cards is..what else….a little gas pump that tells you right off the bat what kind of card you will be looking at. The icon for student cards is similarly cute and is represented by a graduation cap over the card.

Serious Business

With all of this cuteness going on I wondered if there was any substance to the site and found out that there really is. The Credit Cards Club deals with six main credit card issuers, namely:

  • CapitalOne
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Advanta
  • Chase
  • New Millenium Bank

The only company I had not heard of before today was the New Millenium Bank so it looks like Credit Cards Club reviews the big cards for the most part. The card types that most interested me are the balance transfer cards since I am looking for some low balance transfers now to help with the medical bills.

I found that American Express Blue (which I already have) would be offering new customers a 0% balance transfer for 15 months with no fee. I do not qualify for this card but that would have been a great deal for someone like me.

The cards are not only limited to balance transfer cards, but you can also get business credit cards and a number of other low interest cards so you might want to give it a look over to see if you can find a card that will suit your needs.

The preceding was an advertisement for Credit Cards Club.