It is time for me to take someone to the airport this weekend and I was thinking about where I can get the best Airlines Cards so that I could maximize airline miles.

The person who is taking the trip is not a member of any airline miles rewards club, even though she makes about two trips per year. I like to use credit cards to get rewards so I think the best thing for me to do would be to use a credit card that also gave miles as rewards. That way you can use the miles to earn discounts and even free trips!

airline credit cards I looked about the internet to find a site that had the best laid out information and found that this site has information like the best card to use with Delta (which is actually the flight I am interested in). It lists the best card to use with each airline, making it much easier to use than the cards that only list the card first and then you have to try to see if they work with your particular airline.

You can also find information such as the rates and if there are any sign up bonuses available in the form of extra miles. I think this is a great site for frequent fliers to check out so that they can make the most of their air time.

What sites do YOU use to maximize your airline miles?