Did you know you can save money and beautify your space by using silk flowers and silk plants ? We all like to see a pretty space and you can greatly achieve a calmer and more serene environment by using plants and flowers in your home or office space.

I recently read some articles on Feng Shui and even decided to get some lucky bamboo to use in my home to keep the energy flowing and to beautify my space. Now the thing with bamboo and the other plants I have growing in my home is that they do not produce flowers. I have tried to grow flowering plants but they always seem to die on me or they just refuse to produce flowers, while the rest of the plant will grow.

I can have pretty flowers by using silk flowers to create the illusion of real plants in my home. While there is an initial investment involved, I would save money in the long run by not having to buy plant food in order to keep the plant nourished.

Another reason why silk flowers would make sense for me at home is that I am thinking about getting a cat (yes again!!!) and cats have a way of eating flowers when they live with me. If I have silk flowers then I will not have to deal with Ginger trying to eat my flowers.

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