It is Halloween time again and my coworkers were asking me what kinds of halloween costumes I had in mind for tomorrow. Apparently we were supposed to dress up (and WHERE is the memo?) for Halloween so that our students can have something to look forward to.

Um really?

I have never ‘dressed up’ for Halloween before. The closest I came to was putting on a Santa Claus hat and wearing a red sweatsuit for a party. I was ‘sexy Santa’. I had no idea we were supposed to be wearing costumes and it really is too late now for me to go scrounge anything up that would make sense.

If I had known about it before I might have gotten into the spirit and looked for something like a vampire or living dead because I tell my students that when they misbehave they drain the life out of me. As it is right now, I would really need to rely on some type of website to give me some ideas that I could possibly work with so that I could get something that is appropriate for work.

I guess I will have to stick with the trick or treaters instead since I am way too late to get anything that looks remotely interesting and they probably would not have anything usable in this small town anyway.