You can save money by saving time when you perform your ordinary household chores. Did you know that if you simply organize the dishwasher in a certain way you can trim minutes off your unloading time? This frees up that time for you to do other things and it really adds up day after day.

Most people load the cups and plates in the dishwasher in an orderly way but tend to ignore the cutlery. Have you found yourself putting the cutlery in the little basket in any slot your hand comes closest to?

Think about when you have to unload and have to spend time sorting the cutlery into spoons, knives and forks before you can put them away.


Why not sort the cutlery as you load the dishwasher and save yourself some time and headache in the end. Put all the spoons together, then the forks in another compartment and do the same for the knives.

That way they all go into their own little slots and then when it is time to unload you can just grab a handful from one slot and they are ready to be put into the drawer.

I started doing this some time ago and it really does help.
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