It is time to go back to school tomorrow and I am so happy that I have Color labels for all the folders I need to keep track of all the time. I am currently working at an alternative school and I deal with students from elementary school to High school.

I decided to color code my student’s general files so that I can easily tell what level a student falls into. So my color coding system is as follows:

  • High school boys are Green
  • High school girls are Pink
  • Middle school boys are Purple
  • Middle school girls are Red
  • Elementary boys are Blue
  • Elementary girls are Orange

I have to share office space with two other teachers and since I am very particular about my things I have everything labeled. I am in Special Education..which means that I have TONS of folders for IEPs and BIPs and a host of other paperwork. I have serious issues with people using my pens etc.  and since I bought all of my things personally I have decided to keep them labeled.

This way if someone does decide to borrow something of mine I have a way to identify what goes where. I also want them to be able to return my items to their proper place so that I do not have to spend precious time searching for something that I need.

I remember going to school when I was little and having my desk so carefully organized that I did not even need to look in it to find something. I could locate my items by touch unless someone had gone in there and moved my things around. I made a folder for homework for each subject and wrote the subject on the edge of the folder so I could easily tell what I had in my bag. Since I do not have the best handwriting I think it would have been a lot easier for me if I could have had some labels to work with…but such is life.

I used the Dymo label maker when I worked in retail and it was a TREMENDOUS help to me. I love the ease of use and the various styles of lettering that they come with. It also makes my work look more professional than my handwriting does so I definitely think it has made my life easier. Plus it is available at WalMart and you know how much I love shopping there so it is very convenient for me.

Do YOU use printable labels in your line of work?