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Have you heard about the Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway yet? Well unless you have not been reading your blogs then you must have heard about this great opportunity that is being held by Charter.

Charter Communications is a company that offers services like Cable and Internet to homes. I used Charter a few years ago when I lived with my last roommate….but unfortunately it is not available in my area where I currently live.

I can say that I had a good experience with the company so it is definitely one that I would recommend!!! Anyway back to the contest. You can get an entry to win a laptop from Charter when you order one of their services online. To make the deal even sweeter Charter will send customers a Shell Gift card just for signing up.

Now what could be better than that for back to school? A free gas card and a chance to win a laptop computer?

Charter_laptopIf you want a chance to win a new laptop all you have to do is enter the contest. You can start by getting high speed internet for about $20.00 a month which is REALLY affordable. My experience with Charter was that their high speed internet really was high speed, unlike some places that claim to be high speed but you really do not get the speed advertised.

I also had a great experience with the cable and the customer service was great. The technician who came out to my apartment was very courteous and did not try to upsell me on any services.

If I was not geographically restricted I would definitely take advantage of this great deal from Charter because as a blogger I do need the high speed internet, so why not get a gas card AND a chance to win a laptop out of that as well.

Sponsored by Charter Communications