Welcome to the fifth part of 25 ways I save money.

21. Re-use plastic shopping bags as trash bags.

Every time I go off to Wally World I get tons of those little plastic shopping bags. While I have a tall trash can in the kitchen I have the normal medium sized ones in the other rooms. I use the Walmart shopping bags as my trash bags instead of buying bags. This saves me money and makes use of the bags that I get from shopping.

22. Use a water filter.

I drink tap water to save money instead of buying bottled water. I did invest in a filter because the ordinary tap water tastes a bit funny to me. The cost of the filter is absorbed over the time period it is used and I have great tasting water all the time.

23. No Cable.

I do not pay for cable (although sometimes I do miss the shows I do not regularly get to watch) because right now that is an unnecessary expense. I have trained myself to enjoy the few shows that come on regular television and I get books from the library to occupy my time. I also spend time on this blog and I use the internet at school a lot so that I do not miss the cable too much.

24. Use Paypal for purchases.

I use my paypal card to purchase things so that I am operating on a cash-like basis. The card will only work if I have the money in my account so I am using it like a debit card and not racking up any more charges on my credit cards. However I do get 1% cash back if I hit credit when I use the card. Getting a 1% cash back might not seem like much but when you operate on a cash basis you do not get anything back so I am winning here. Another way I look at it is that I get a 1% discount every time I make a purchase. Way to go PayPal!

25. Make lists…and stick to them.

I have found that one of the best ways for me to save money is to make lists and stick to them. When I go shopping I only buy what is on the list and nothing else. That way I can stick to my budget and not end up overspending on anything. I also make lists of my chores for the day and rearrange items so that I have minimal walking or driving to do. I combine trips when possible so that I can also save on gas and time.

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