So I was interviewed by the staff at and they have just put up the results of that conversation. I love Mint and use it obsessively daily.

I like it so much that I even incorporated using Mint into a class that I taught recently. All my students had to sign up for it in order to complete a big part of their assignments for the semester. As you should already know, Mint is a site that helps you manage your finances and does so in a very cool way.


You can add all (or just some) of your accounts to Mint and it automatically tracks and updates your income and expenses and organizes them into categories. Mint lets you check all of your balances in one place instead of having to log into multiple sites. If you have multiple credit cards and bank accounts like I do this a great way to keep track of your finances.

Even if you do not have multiple accounts, Mint is also great for budgeting. You can set up a simple budget to keep track of your finances and Mint categorizes your spending and lets you know where you stand with your budget. If you are on track with your finances then Mint will show that budget category as green. If you are getting close to the set amount for the budget then that category will turn yellow, and if you go over budget then Mint shows it as red. These are just some helpful visual reminders to get back to taking a closer look at your finances so you can manage them better.

You can also track asset values like Cars or investment values like retirement accounts. You can create goals and monitor your progress towards paying off those goals every time you log into your Mint account.

If you don’t already have a Mint account you can go ahead and create a FREE account in a short amount of time. It is quick, safe, and best of all EASY to do.

I do not get any payment or kickback from them…I have just been member for about 5 years now and I love it so much that I tell EVERYONE to join!

Go over to Mint and check out my interview Paying Off Debt Even When You’re Poor at the blog. And remember, broke is a state of mind while poor is a state of money!