I have a credit card that is changing the website on me. It was the card I was using as my primary this month but I will now stop using it.

So what happened?

Read on to find out.

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If you follow my credit card posts you will know that I use one card for about a month and then switch to a different one.

I keep a spreadsheet of running purchases and payments so that I can monitor my balance. I make four payments a month from my checking account so I like seeing this visual representation of where I stand daily.

Cannot access website

This weekend I went to have a look at the website and encountered an error message. I tried again but the website kept directing me to another website.

credit cards
credit cards

I called the number since it was a site I recognized and said I was having a problem with the website. I did this without divulging my card information. The rep mentioned that the card was transitioning to their website and they were in the process of mailing out new cards to customers of the old site.

She mentioned I could still keep using the card but would have to activate the new one when it came in.

I don’t remember getting an email about this. It must have been sent in the mail and I missed it somehow. I remember getting some mail from the other bank. I usually shredded it without reading as I get a lot of mail from banks I do not deal with.

This situation upset me so I immediately stopped using the card. I am not sure how payments will be processed. There will be a slight credit after the last payment I made because I overpaid the last balance. This is because I anticipated using the card more and having the balances roll until the end of the month.

Now I will just switch back to another card until the issue gets cleared up. I considered even closing the account but it is one of my highest balance cards. Closing it now will severely impact my available credit and will reduce my credit score.