A few months ago I wrote that one of the ways to save money in my life was to unplug the television but I morphed into a Frugal Fraud and did not follow through with it. Well on Sunday this week I noticed that I had not watched television for the last two weeks for a number of reasons. The biggest reason was that I watch my favorite shows online through Hulu or directly from the website that hosts the show.

The second reason I have not watched television is that I have been VERY busy with work and school and then when I had some downtime I was sick and television was the last thing on my mind.

image from http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v418/bawanaal/tv-unplugged.jpg

Another reason I have not watched television is because the set is in the living room and I have been too lazy to unplug the space heater from the bedroom and carry it into the living room. I have not put on the central heating due to the sky high electric bills of the last two months so there was no heat in the living room and that also made it uncomfortable for me to stay there.

I decided to go ahead and see if I could just live without the cable subscription like a lot of other personal finance bloggers do. I took a deep breath and called up the cable company to see what I could do.

They said they did not have a holding plan but I could go ahead and disconnect and then get a reduction on the reconnection fee when I did decide to get the cable back. The reduced reconnection fee is $20 less than the monthly cable bill so it is not too bad when I really think about it.

I plan on leaving the cable off until school closes in May and things settle down a little bit. I will still have my online classes to deal with but I will not be at work all day long, so I should have some more free time when I can really appreciate the television.

While I will not be paying the cable portion of the bill for the next few months, I will not be editing my zero based budget but will simply shift the dollar amount over as a snowflake payment to a credit card.