I don’t need a car repair as I thought I would have just a few days ago. This is quite a relief as I am trying to save money right now. The repair that I thought I needed would probably be quite expensive.

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A few days ago I decided to get gas because I was at about a half tank. If you have been following me for some time you will know that I like to keep my gas tank full.

In fact I try to fill up when I get to a quarter tank left just so I can have gas at all times. When it gets extremely cold or it snows I do not like getting out to pump gas.

In that situation I try to fill up when the weather is nice. I went to my usual gas station and tried to get my gas as usual. The pump clicked off when about $2 worth of gas had gone in. I thought this was strange and maybe I hadn’t seated the pump correctly.

I removed the pump and started the process again, only to have it click off at just over $1. There was a guy getting gas next to me so I asked if he knew why that happened. He said maybe my tank was full…which it certainly could not be. The tank was slightly under half and I had not bought gas for over a month. He probably thought my card had been declined or something or I was just a crazy person who could not read the fuel tank.

Because I like searching for answers I immediately got online when I got home. My searches turned up issues with fuel tanks not reading correctly because of a faulty fume sensor. In most cases this ended up being a very costly repair!

I was a bit panicked thinking I would need this car repair. To rule out the issue I decided to try again at a different gas station before setting up the appointment with my mechanic.

Th next time I went out I ended up going to the regular gas station out of habit. It is close to home and very easy to get to!

I tried a different pump and this time pumping the gas went smoothly.

It turns out I did not need the car repair I thought I did. My fuel sensor seems to be working fine.