An easy way to save money is to just make it automatic. If you do not have to think about it then things will flow smoothly.

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Old way of thinking

Many times we just do not save because it is too much work. People have the idea that saving is what you do after all bills are paid. If they run out of money then they do not save.

New way of thinking

I think we can all change our mindset about saving. We can make it easy, even if is not fun. To save, use the tools your bank already has set up for you.

  • Automatic transfer
  • Secondary savings account

If you have a regular savings account, get a second one. Some banks will let you open a second account for free. If yours does not then you can find a bank that does. Capital One lets you open multiple savings accounts by simply logging into your account.

Then set up automatic transfers to happen once a month. Start small, maybe try $5. That small amount is easy to live without and if it happens to go through twice it won’t hurt you.

Set it and forget it. Pick a date or a number of occurrences and let the $5 build up. You won’t miss it and it won’t miss you. Once you get comfortable with the automatic transfers you can increase the monthly amount to $10. The key is to start with something that you absolutely know you will NOT need to ever use.

This is my easy way to save money. What have you tried to make it easy for you to save?