Foaming Soap is better than Deep Cleansing Soap to me.  I love Bath and Body Works soaps but there is a clear difference between the two.

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Normally when buying hand soap from BBW, I get the foaming kind. I got a deep cleansing type as part of a tote purchase some time last year. Although I’ve had it for almost one year, for some reason I never got around to using it.

I decided to use it and I don’t like it!

Why I don’t like the Deep Cleansing Soap

There is nothing wrong with the product. It cleans fine and does its job. It just does not appeal to me the way the foaming type does.


The deep cleansing soap tends to get a lot of build up around the tip of the pump. This is because it is a thicker formula that has a gel-like consistency. This product build up looks ugly and I find myself washing the pump frequently. This means I am wasting product as it is just going down the drain. If you do not wash the pump then it becomes difficult to dispense the product!


The deep cleansing soap also drips a lot on my sink. Again, the gel-like consistency causes it to fall to the edge of the sink instead of retracting into the pump head. This would not be an issue normally because it is easy to clean up soap. The issue is that the deep cleansing product is colored so it shows every drop. The foaming kind is usually clear so drips do not show in the sink.


The deep cleansing kind makes my hands feel drier than the foam kind. I do not like having dry hands so this is a bit of an issue. While I could apply lotion, and do after each wash, the deep cleansing product just feels more drying.

When it comes to hand soap do you like the Foam more or the Deep Cleansing more?