Today I managed to get a free car wash and I really don’t know what happened but I am just happy that I was able to save money. I went into a car wash that I have used in the past but was not able to use recently because it had been closed for a few months.

While my regular car wash was out of service I had to use another car wash…one of those where you put the car in neutral and the machine pulls you along. I hate those types of car washes and always get the attendant to go through the car wash for me.

I was VERY happy to see my regular car wash come back up. Now I could just drive in, park the car and get washed by the moving parts instead of being dragged along. I drove into the bay like normal and kept inching along for the light to turn red so I could stop. There was a slight hump that I drove over and I thought that I had driven a little further into the bay than I normally did before the light turned red, but I sat back and waited for my wash to begin.

The machine started and it sprayed soap on the car, which I thought was a bit odd as it normally sprayed water first. The soap stopped and I heard a noise like the dryer but I did not pay it any attention..until all sounds stops. The light turns green, indicating for me to exit the car wash and I am confused as my car is covered with soap.

I ended up driving around the car wash and went to the gas station to find the attendant to see what happened. It turns out I had driven a little too far in and messed up the sensors. That did not really make sense to me because I think the system should go through a cycle or not start at all. It should always begin and end with plain water and then have soap and other things in between as necessary. I don’t see why it would skip the water and go to soap only and then go to dry..but that is what happened.

In any case, the attendant gave me a cash refund and then told me to wait for a receipt. When I got the receipt I saw there was a code on it and I was told that it was a code for a wash. I honestly said that I had just gotten a refund but I was told it was a complimentary free wash… woo hoo I got my expense refunded and I got a free car wash out of it.

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