I need to get healthier because I have been putting on some weight over the last couple of years. Part of it was from being on hormones after all the surgery and part of it was due to not exercising enough. Diabetes runs in my family and I know that if I become overweight I put myself at VERY high risk for developing the disease.

I live in an apartment complex that has a small gym so there is really no reason for me NOT to exercise. All I have to do is walk out of my apartment, go across the parking lot and walk around the corner. In the gym there are a couple of treadmills, an ab machine, two elliptical machines, and a stationery bike. I like to go early in the morning because there is usually only just one person, if anyone at all.

I really need to get healthier so that I can feel better about myself as well. I need to be mentally and physically in great shape so that I can complete my PhD. The program is very stressful and I should not be potentially piling on health issues while I am trying to study and work on my dissertation.

I do not want to end up getting diabetes and potentially have to shell out tons of money for health issues. I started going to walk on the treadmills twice a week for 20 minutes and I plan on increasing that now to 4 times a week on alternating days.

My new summer schedule works for the first month because although I have summer classes they are later in the afternoon. I can work out for 20 minutes in the morning and be ready for class. During the second summer session I may move the workouts to later in the day because then my classes are early in the morning.

Regardless of when I exercise I do need to make the commitment to get 20 minutes four times a week so that I can get back on the road to get healthier!