I am looking for hosts for the Carnival Of Twenty Something Finances.

The Carnival of Twenty Something Finances runs every Monday at a different blog and highlights things that everyone should know but that Twenty Something Year olds usually need to focus on. Please sign up to host an edition of the carnival. We need everyone to participate for the carnival to be successful.

It is easy to host a carnival as you go through the process listed below:

Pick a date to host and email me or leave a comment here

* You start to receive submissions via email two weeks before the carnival needs to be up

* You receive a condensed email containing ALL the submissions on the Saturday before the carnival goes live

* Copy and paste the submissions to your blog, add pictures or other formatting and post

* Invite others to host the next edition of the carnival

Here are the upcoming dates for the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances


Nov 09, 2009 Foreigners Finances edit
Nov 16, 2009 unknown edit
Nov 23, 2009 unknown edit
Nov 30, 2009 unknown edit
Dec 07, 2009 unknown edit


If you are interested in hosting an edition of the carnival just leave me a comment or send an email listing:

Your email address

Your blog URL

The date you want

Thanks for hosting and remember to ask your posties to link back.