How to Live Cheaply – WikiHow

How to live cheaply, by spending as little money as possible in the short and long term. This article is for serious cheapos and includes some drastic measures, which are designed to help anyone save money and limit expenses in their daily life.

1. Write down all of your major recurring expenses.
2. Write down any foreseeable large expenses for the next few months (moving expenses, electronics purchases, etc).
3. Looking at the first list, see where you spend the most money on a monthly basis.
4. Move to a cheaper place to pay less rent.
5. If food is your biggest expense, begin by saving your receipts every time you go grocery shopping and looking at them to see where most of your money is going.
6. Buy food in bulk
7. If utilities are a large part of your monthly expenditures, consider ways to decrease them.
8. If a main expense is entertainment, think of cheaper ways to entertain yourself.
9. If you anticipate one or more large-ticket items in the next few months (a new TV, computer, stereo, car, etc), make sure you are shopping around and getting as much information as you can about what you want to buy.
10. Develop a budget by creating a spreadsheet or just by writing on a piece of paper how much you expect to spend in each of your major categories in the next few months.
11. Be conscious of where you spend your money and how much you have alloted for each category of expenses.
12. Track your expenses and make sure not to go over budget.
13. Don’t buy things only because they are cheap; buy things if they are cheap and you are going to use them.
14. Bargain, Bargain, Bargain. it pays off.