I may have to stop ordering online and I am not happy about it at all. As you all know I try to order everything that I can online so that I can save money and make money as well.

I have been using Swagbucks along with ordering from my favorite sites to get all my non-perishable items and it has been a great time saver for me. I also like the convenience of having all my shopping sent to my door, so that I do not have to waste time in the grocery store.

When I shop in the physical store I only get up to 2% cash back. When I order online I get an additional 2% to 3% on top of the regular amount and I get free shipping as well. This extra cash back is sent to my PayPal account and is a little extra income for the month. If I have to stop ordering online I will lose that extra cash back since I would have to go to the physical stores.


My apartment complex recently decided to stop receiving ANY package deliveries, so now FedEx and UPS have to deliver to my door. The main problem with this is that I am at work or school during the day so I end up missing the deliveries.

Now I can reschedule the delivery but then it takes them a full two days to get it rescheduled and redelivered since the only day I can work from home is Thursdays…most weeks.

I really liked doing my shopping online since I only needed to go to the store for things like bread and milk, since they cannot be shipped. I am not sure what I will do as yet but I am thinking about stopping my ordering online so that I do not have this issue.