One of the ways to save money that I find is simple is to line dry my clothes. I live in an apartment without a balcony so I bought a folding drying rack.

I simply put the clothes in the washer and then when they are done I hand them on the drying rack in the second bedroom. The windows are open during the day so fresh air and sunlight come pouring in. The clothes dry in a few hours and I save money from not using the drier.

It is especially great now because now that I am home for most days during the summer I can do laundry in the morning and the clothes are dry by afternoon. I really wish I could dry the clothes in the sun so they get that wonderful sun dried scent but that will have to wait until I have a house.

I am going to continue hanging my clothes out to take full advantage of this super hot weather because it will be too cold and damp to do that once winter comes around.